It’s no surprise that the new media – social, digital and mobile, has become the platform that drives the advertising growth. Things got better for marketers and media managers, as they can remain connected to their audience 24/7 on social platforms through mobile technology. At the same time, it has become difficult for them to survive and grow in today’s tough competition. How they connect with their audience, what message is sent to them and how fast they respond to their queries play a critical role in the organizational success.

Around a decade ago, the job of advertising media manager was much simpler. They were expected to deploy existing media platforms to create brand image. But now the scenario has completely changed. Communication is now two-way; so, media managers can’t just get away with TV commercials or radio and newspaper ads but they need to develop expertise in reaching target audiences with creative messages. Nowadays, it’s about both – communication and media planning. Both selection of media, and content and tone of a message play a critical role.

Prerequisites for Building Careers in Advertising and Communications Industry

Today’s advertising media managers are expected to possess strong business acumen, excellent communication skills and in-depth understanding of various traditional and modern channels and consumer psychology. Centennial College’s post-graduate
media management program provides graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary for the advertising and communication industry. The program prepares them for the role of strategic media planning and buying.

The three-semester hands-on intensive program provides aspiring media managers with the fundamentals of media management, with an emphasis on consumer-driven communication channel choices. It covers a wide range of subjects, including Integrated Marketing Foundations, Business Communications, Digital Communications, Media Research Data and Analyses, Introduction to Media Planning, Broadcast Buying and Measurement, and Connection Planning in first semester.

In the second semester, students are taught Advertising Planning and Campaign Management, Media Account Administration, Media Buying and Reporting, Digital Communications, Media Advertising Negotiation and Sales and Media Industry Issues. In the third semester, they get an opportunity to work in the industry and hone their skills through an industry field placement. The
media management course provides students with career-ready skills in media research, analysis, planning, estimation and buying.

The Centennial Difference

Although a number of colleges in Toronto offer programs in advertising media management but not all are worth considering. Centennial College’s program:

  • Is recognized by the Interactive Advertising Bureau for offering the most breadth of interactive/mobile curriculum.
  • Is taught by high-level industry professionals
  • Is first of its kind in Canada
  • Offers extensive career and global job opportunities
  • Incorporates industry field placement to provide students with practical hands-on training
  • Includes industry-specific computer education
  • Gives eligibility to apply for media management degree program at the university

The program graduates can seek employment with advertising agencies, marketing companies, research companies, advertisers, multimedia owners and sellers, and independent media management companies.

Program Eligibility

In order to apply for this program, individuals will need:

  • College diploma or university degree in any discipline. Applicants with partial post-secondary education and relevant experience of minimum two years are also considered.
  • To complete a basic mathematics test and written questionnaire
  • Submit a resume