Although there are numerous business administration programs that offer specialized knowledge and skills in finance, marketing or human resources but a general business administration diploma program offers comprehensive knowledge in all aspects of a business, be it finance, accounting, marketing, sales, human resources or general administration.

The course focuses on providing students with basic understanding of the business and skills and competencies to become front-line managers in all types of industries. A general business administration course is different from other specialized courses in several aspects, such as

* Program content

* Context

* Career outlook

A general business administration program covers a wide range of subjects in all aspects of business, including management information systems, finance and accounting, general management leadership, human resources management, operations management, international business, marketing, supply chain management, project management and entrepreneurship.

In addition, the program is configured to give students a solid understanding of macro-environment of business while the other specialized programs include in-depth understanding of a specific subject. As far as career outlook is concerned, the graduates of a general business administration program have an edge over others with specialized diploma. They can find employment in all types of industries in diverse areas, such as purchasing, sales, personnel management, general administration, public administration, accounting and finance and small business or franchise management.

Although the program content of general and specialized business administration diploma programs is different but there are many similarities between them. The learning is based on extensive case analyses and directed research. A strong emphasis is placed on technology-supported learning in-and-out of the classroom. In addition, students are also exposed to the management practices of leading companies in the world. All business administration programs offer opportunities to pursue further studies in degree-level programs at the universities. Apart from this, a strong focus is placed on development of presentation, communication, interpersonal, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Studying Business Administration in Canada

Numerous colleges in Canada offer three-year post-secondary general business administration programs. Unfortunately, all are not affiliated and may not provide exposure to the management practices and policies of the leading world companies. Moreover, their program curriculum may not be an updated one. Therefore, it is important to carefully choose a college before applying for a business administration program.

Centennial College's business administration program is considered to be one of the most prestigious programs in the country. In addition, the program curriculum has been updated based on Ministry revised program standards. The program places a strong emphasis on sound theoretical grounding in all aspects of business, effective business presentations, computer education, career exploration, business ethics, management skills, and business plan development. The course is delivered by a team of professors with extensive business and management experience. With this, the college also provides assistance in seeking employment.

Upon course completion, the program graduates can either choose to pursue their careers or opt for further studies. The business administration college allows them to apply their credit rewards earned during graduation towards further studies at the associated universities, institutes and professional associations.