Precise roles and responsibilities of medical laboratory technicians depend upon the organization they work with. However, the generic work performed by them may include:
  • Assisting medical technologists and helping them identify the irregularities in the samples collected
  • Processing of specimens for conducting different examinations
  • Detecting the source of disease by testing the specimens 
  • Monitoring the apparatus and equipments to detect error or breakdown 
  • Keeping a check on the supply of items required for examining specimens
  • Performing ECGs and Holter monitoring
  • Working as Phlebotomists
  • Assisting in clinical or veterinary labs, research labs, diagnostic supply companies
  • Analyzing computer generated medical reports
  • Maintaining the records for patients and official purposes
  • Keeping and maintaining insurance records
What type of medical assistance a patient requires depends on his/her medical test reports. This means almost all medical care facilities in some or other way depend upon the reports from laboratories, which in turn depend on medical lab technicians. 
For this reason, the lab technicians are extremely valuable resources for the entire medical fraternity. There exist a lot of full time and part-time career opportunities in this field for young individuals who have undergone a formal training and have understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of lab testing. The qualified individuals can find employment with hospitals, private laboratories, Ministry of Health, veterinary labs, research organizations and other government laboratories. 
Becoming a Medical Lab Technician in Canada
To become a lab technician in Canada, you need to enroll into a medical laboratory technician course after passing secondary school examination. Along with this, you also need:
  • English Grade 12 C or University or equivalent
  • Mathematics Grade 12 C, M or University or equivalent
  • Biology Grade 11 or 12 C or University or Equivalent
Apart from this, you may also need to go through a criminal background check including a vulnerable section screening. Another non-academic requirement is that you must not be suffering from any mental or physical disorder that poses a threat on your practice. 

What Does the Course Cover?

Medical laboratory technician program generally run for one year exposing you to the world of lab tests. They work on a compressed delivery format enabling you to quickly enter the workforce and earn a living. 
The programs intend to help you gain thorough understanding of applied anatomy and physiology, transcultural health, clinical laboratory techniques, clinical data management, applied chemistry, haematology and immunohaematology, specimen collection and processing, clinical chemistry and urinalyses, lab administration and quality management.

It combines theoretical sessions, hands-on-labs-experience and real work experience during clinical placement. On completion of the course, you will also be eligible for certification as Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician with the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science or state affiliated Society of Medical Laboratory Technologists.

How Should Enroll in this Program?

A diploma in lab technician is the right choice for those who
  • Are naturally inquisitive about mechanisms of human body
  • Want to quickly enter the workforce
  • Are curious to know about the abnormalities that cause disease in human beings
The program, along with preparing you for carrying lab tests, also helps you develop professional attitude and conduct needed for close patient contact.