Story writing for children is a skilled profession that requires much more targeted skills than the ability to write stories like "Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess. Her father, the King, was looking for a suitable prince for her. He put all the suitors to a test. The one who won married the princess."

Let's face it. The children's entertainment industry has evolved in all these years. Children's stories are written with great care. There is an immense focus on the vocabulary. Besides, the stories are drafted keeping in mind the age group of the children.

The stories for children no longer includejust the plain writing. It's much more about pictures, cartoons, animation and shows. With the advent of digital media, the entertainment landscape for children has changed a lot. And a story writer must keep in mind the specific needs of children in the digital era.

Becoming a Children's Content Producer

So, what are the new rules for story writing for kids? How to come up with an intriguing and intelligent idea? How to create entertainment products for children? Where do I learn skills to write interesting stories? How to produce digital media content for kids?

Writing for children is an extremely challenging job nowadays. A formal Children's Entertainment: Writing, Production and Management Program can help you hone your storytelling skills and learn to use interactive media.

This is a three-semester long postgraduate certificate program that aims to help you develop a range of skills including writing for children's media, pitching, project development and management, licensing and merchandising and television production.

You also learn about personal branding and career planning, legal and regulatory aspects of children's media and launching and navigating the domestic and international marketplace. The postgraduate program combines classroom lectures, hands-on-practical learning and industry field placement.

A program in children entertainment Toronto is one of its kinds and helps you learn all necessary creative writing and technical skills to start a new career in this field.

Enrolling into a Children's Entertainment: Writing, Production and Management Program

Very few colleges in Canada offer a targeted children's entertainment writing and production course. So, it is obvious that there is a fierce competition. You need to be a graduate in any discipline and must have relevant work experience in order to apply for the program. The program also requires you to submit an up-to-date resume and complete a writing assessment test.

The college generally sends the offer of admission to eligible students via mail, which you need to confirm before the deadline. The certificate program is three semester long. You will gain a solid understanding of writing techniques and professional software, your audience and global perspective and of course, strategic and entrepreneurial skills.

You can find employment in diverse areas, such as television production, children's book publishing, freelance writing for children's magazines, e-learning companies and other industry funding bodies as a writer, project manager, content manager, marketing specialist, strategist or children's TV producer on course completion. You can also choose to start your own small Children's writing and publishing business.