All you need is a sweet tooth for creating delectable desserts, and you have the drive to compete in the competitive world of baking and the pastry arts. Skills and experience are highly valued in this arena, so you must be determined and hardworking to fulfill your sweet ambitions. This is not a traditional 9-5 job, but it can be a promising career, which starts with a culinary arts management program in pastry arts.

The training to make sweet concoctions starts with preparing simple breads and rolls, and moving to complex desserts while mastering different baking techniques. Eventually, students become independent to design their own dessert plates and manage the dessert stations in kitchens. The program to complete a vast amount of hands-on training to hull these culinary skills is the Baking - Pastry Arts Management (1813) program at Centennial College.

With a new Culinary Arts Centre, Centennial College provides its hospitality students with state-of-the-art facilities, mirroring professional kitchens around the world. Students learn about various tools and production methods, including producing large batches of sweet dough and pastry with the commercial baker's oven. The program is action-packed with plenty of training for its students:
  • A solid two years of postsecondary education will earn the graduate with a college diploma and the necessary skills and experience in a commercial baking and pastry arts kitchen.
  • Experienced professors teach relevant theories and discussions, andon-campus kitchen training, which are a crucial part of a training in the field, where students practice and hone their abilities.
  • Math courses, specific to culinary students and baking needs, are offered so student will be able to produce small and large batches of desserts, as required by any employers in the food industry.
  • Further practical training is gained with an industry employer through the field placement, which encompasses the fourth semester. Students are exposed in the real job environment and work with professionals, while receiving on-the-job training in their field.
  • The culinary arts programis combined with business courses, to ensure greater competitive advantage for students, who wish to broaden their careers to management positions and entrepreneurship.

Graduates are knowledgeable with common industry practices and kitchen procedures, ensuring work is completed in an ethical and safe manner, all while producing presentable and delicious desserts. Students move into careers as a pastry cook or chef pâtissier, creating an assortment of desserts, including:
  • Savoury and sweet pastries, cookies, and cakes
  • Chocolate and candy creations
  • Various icings, sauces, and dough

The key is to start the training early and let young party professionals gain the experience required to be successful in the culinary world. Centennial's baking program guides students from culinary textbooks to the baking ovens for a practical use of knowledge and development of baking techniques and skills. Baking - Pastry Arts Management program graduates can launch their careers in small and large kitchens at bakery shops, pâtissieries, cafés, restaurants, hotels, resorts, and entertainment companies.