A university is no longer the only place to obtain a four-year bachelor degree. While community colleges are traditionally known for offering diploma and certificate programs, they are now expanding into degree program areas. These offerings, however, do not follow the traditional structure of a university-level undertaking. At Centennial College, students have four degree programs from which to choose.

One of these offerings is the Bachelor of Public Relations Management program, which is open to anyone with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent; at least six Grade 12U, Grade 12M, or OAC credits with an overall average of 65 per cent or higher (courses must include English Grade 12U with a final grade of 70 per cent or higher). It is worth noting that after admission, students are asked to take a mathematics assessment. The outcome of the assessment determines math placement or exemption.

All of the Public Relations courses featured in the offering are geared towards helping students to secure the knowledge they will need to be field-ready after four years of study. As a result, students:
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the public relations industry with highlights such as building critical skills for career success in professional writing, research, strategic communications and social and digital media;
  • Become familiar with business skills such as financial management, organizational behaviour, business law and accounting that will give them a competitive edge in the marketplace;
  • Focus on global citizenship, corporate social responsibility and the role communicators play in helping organizations make change;
  • Learn the skills to navigate today’s digital world, including developing multifaceted social media and integrated online marketing programs.

As mentioned above, unlike other PR programs this offering includes a focus on business, specific courses within this undertaking include Introduction to Public Relations, Statistics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Strategic Communications Planning, Internal Communications, Advanced Social Media, Investor Relations, Public Sector Communications, Advanced PR Writing and more.

While Public Relations programs at university level typically have a theoretical focus, this offering also incorporates ways for students to practice the skills they gain. This is achieved through projects that mimic scenarios that students may encounter in the real world.

Rounding out this PR program Toronto-based offering is a fifteen-week industry field placement. During the semester-longer experience, students apply everything they have learned, expanding their professional network and gaining experience that they can then feature on their resumes.

With this Public Relations Degree, grads can secure positions in a number of career paths. That’s because the combination of business and digital communications principles gives grads a competitive edge. Among the career areas for which grads are prepared are: public relations agencies, corporate communications and investor relations departments, digital marketing companies, not-for-profit sector organizations, and hospitals and healthcare organizations.