Among the wide array of programs offered at Centennial College is a group of programs called College and University Preparation programs. Students who attend these programs are seeking a pathway to prepare for further post-secondary education at university or college with the college’s small classes, experienced faculty and overview experience.

The Art and Design Foundation Studies is one such offering. It is intended for those who would like to take their artistic talents and hone them in in order to launch creative careers. In fact, at the conclusion of the program, students compile a portfolio and are prepared to apply for programs in Digital Animation, Interactive Digital Media, Fine Arts Studio, Game Design, Graphic Design - Media, and Product & Industrial Design.

To get them fully prepared are two semesters worth of courses that combine traditional and modern art forms such as life drawing and design, digital imaging and interactive design. In large studios based at the Story Arts Centre (Centennial College’s hub for all things creative), students also develop a familiarity with digital media that is complemented with a practical understanding of drawing, colour theory and 3D art and design.

Here is a look at select courses within this art design college program.

Visual Design Fundamentals: Fine arts, design and illustration design basics are all covered in this offering. The class uses projects, written assignments and critiques, to teach students to design original artwork using principles of design, colour, and typography; apply all stages of design process, focusing on research, multiple solution, constructive criticism, and presentation skills; and become experts in issues pertaining to the historical and cultural context of design.

Digital Imaging: Digital imaging is a part of not just photography careers but also many others including journalism and book and magazine publishing. In this course, learn to use the Macintosh operating system and Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to manipulate images they themselves have produced using films and digital cameras. Successful student will leave the course with a portfolio of imagery.

Digital Art and Design Studio: To understand both the creative potential and practical application of digital media, students apply design fundamentals to computer application, extending their use of image editing, illustration and page layout techniques, web-design and animation and multimedia design. Hands-on experience is provided through teamwork that addresses realistic design and communication problems. Analysis and constructive criticism of design work are also incorporated.

Portfolio Development: Each class in this offering includes a portfolio-building component and in this course students compile all of their portfolios into one. This is then used as a personal development and communication tool. Instruction in this class includes seminars, presentations, interviews and critiques.