Hearing students sing a post-secondary program's praises serves as a testament to the education that offering provides. Many of Centennial College's graduates go on record to educate potential students and community members about their experiences.

Centennial College's advertising communication program - officially known as Advertising and Marketing Communications Management - is an offering that is often lauded by former students. "Centennial's three-year Advertising program is a journey, to say the least," says 2010 graduate Andrew Learner. "It gives students an unparalleled opportunity to grow and learn - from bright young students into capable young professionals. Centennial is a school that isn't rooted in the past. It teaches the concepts of traditional and cutting edge advertising - applied practically to what's relevant today. As I continue to grow in my field today, I use the fundamental knowledge I learned from Centennial to approach and complete everything I do!"

Professionals like Andrew, thanks to their marketing and communications program training work in a range of areas that include account management, media buying and planning, marketing, digital/mobile, copywriting, production, direct marketing, promotions and event marketing.

But just what does this advertising and marketing communications offering consist of? Firstly, training lasts three years and is open to anyone who has completed an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, or mature student status (19 years or older; and Grade 12 English C or U, or equivalent (minimum grade required) or is willing to take the Centennial College English Skills Assessment for Admission (score of 170 or 171 required).

Secondly, students are exposed to and familiarized the entire advertising process, including: research, developing strategies, campaign planning, copywriting, production, and media planning and buying. Additionally, students gain insight and experience in the main areas of agency operations, including copywriting, media and account management. The fifth semester features specialization streams that provide an advanced concentration in copywriting, media planning and buying or account service.

To foster a mock "real world" environment that allows students to become comfortable with their tasks, they learn about firm deadlines, multitasking, working under pressure and delivering professional presentations. As such, students develop instincts and strategic abilities that will allow them to meet deadlines in a professional and creative environment.

Thirdly, this is the only advertising program Toronto-based undertaking that offers students a four-month internship. The real-world experience is invaluable to enhancing students' resumes as they acquire experience in the day-to-day activities of the advertising world and are completely comfortable with completing their tasks in an efficient way upon graduation. This makes Centennial College grads instantly ready for hire upon graduation.

It is worth noting that the offering is recognized by the Interactive Advertising Bureau as offering the most breadth of digital /mobile curriculum.