Marketers are more hands-on than business owners. They know what customers buy; how they behave; what they expect; what influences their buying decision; and what can contribute to their experience. They also understand how to price, promote and package products, so that they are frequently purchased by the customers.

Although marketing may seem an age old profession but the beauty is that the role of marketers keeps on evolving. Its progression can be attributed to the constant change in business environment, advancements in internet and computing technology, increasing competition, upcoming of social media, and changing customer needs. Business marketing programs introduce you to marketing theory, current market trends and case-based problem solving as well as professional selling practices in changing business scenario.

A business marketing course typically runs for two years and covers basic and advanced marketing subjects. You will study Fundamentals of Business, Mathematics of Finance, and Strategies for Business Success, Financial Accounting Concepts, Business Operations, Business Communications, Principles of Micro and Macro Economics, International Business Concepts, Principles of Marketing, Human Resources Management, Professional Selling, Marketing Communications, Business Analysis and Microcomputer Applications Software. Besides, it helps you develop strong communications, interpersonal, team-work and critical problem solving skills.

Implicit Benefits of a Business – Marketing Program

  • You develop an ability to influence others.

    The business – marketing program helps you gain logical thinking skills, using which you can influence others to buy your ideas or advice. You become more convincing in your approach and develop an ability to build strategies to promote products, services and ideas.

  • You are capable of tweaking marketing plans.

    As you gain an understanding of customer behaviour, psychology and factors that can influence their buying decisions, you can assist your seniors tweak the marketing plans and adapt them in a more specific manner. You are able to read current market trends, draw inferences out of them and use them to modify your marketing strategies.

  • You develop an expertise in marketing communications.

    How you communicate with customers on diverse media channels has a direct impact on the company’s bottom line. While studying business marketing, you develop an expertise in marketing communications, which helps you convey the right message to the right audience at right time and on the right platform.

Career Opportunities

Marketers are always in demand, no matter how economy behaves. As a graduate of this program, you will be able to find employment as merchandising supervisors, merchandising assistants, product consultants, sales representatives, and customer service representatives. You can be associated with small, midsize as well as large business establishments. In fact, you can leverage international employment opportunities as well.

Studying Business Marketing

Centennial College’s program in business marketing reflects high standards of learning. Besides, it is recognized in Canada and abroad. Not only this, it also gives you eligibility to apply for a business marketing degree program at associated universities, colleges and professional institutions. This means you can either pursue your career or choose to study further upon graduation. The program is worth considering, if you have a keen interest in marketing.