Scriptwriting involves creating the storyline, conceptualizing characters and their appearances and constructing dialogues. It's often the most essential part of a film or television production because no production work can begin without a script.

Although creative writing is a skill that comes naturally to people but a script writing program can put you on the right career path, while increasing the likelihood of finding an employment in film industry. You may also consider this program even if you're already employed in a related field. You not only hone your writing and editing skills, but also gain technical skills required for availing more advanced career opportunities.

Script Writing Program Details

Centennial College's graduate certification Advanced Television and Film - Script to Screen program is an interactive, participative and a multi-disciplinary program. The program is open to writers, actors, producers, editors, directors and other professionals who are directly or indirectly involved in film and television production. They work together to prepare scripts and bring them to life while turning them into films or shows.

The program is called multi-disciplinary because it not only focuses on script writing but covers everything that goes into film and TV production. This uniquely-crafted program involves everyone from day one. Although a script is the heart and soul of any film or TV show but one cannot rely solely on a great script. In order to achieve success, a script needs to be taken to the screen in the most effective manner.

As a scriptwriter, you learn to tailor the scripts to an actor's specific talents. This gives you an understanding of what goes into developing and producing quality TV shows and feature films. The major focus of the program is to help you learn to outline, draft, create and polish production-ready scripts, keeping in mind budget and time considerations.

The one-year program runs through two semesters. In the first semester, you gain a solid working knowledge of
  • What everyone (actors, directors, producers, writers and editors) does on a television or film production
  • How to collaborate with fellow workers
  • How to outline and pitch a script
  • How to begin with script writing
  • How to refine or fine-tune a script

In the second semester, the focus is on
  • Editing the scripts to actor's specific talents
  • Performing and shooting films
  • Film production
  • Post-production activities

The script writing Toronto program is a comprehensive program that offers you an in-depth understanding and working knowledge of film and TV production in just one year. It gives you an enhanced ability to find an appropriate place for yourself in the industry, at broadcast networks, production companies, or other industry-related organizations.

Admission Prerequisites

This program is open for graduates who have undergone a college diploma (three-year) or university degree (four-year) in any discipline. The college also accepts applicants with partial post-secondary education (minimum two years) and a minimum two years of work experience in a media-related field.

You can send your application to the college if you fall in either of these two categories. You also need to submit your current resume, a letter of intent and a portfolio including a film produced or directed by you, or an on-camera audition, or a writing sample, preferably a script.