There is no reason someone who holds a college diploma or university degree in any discipline should take a program without an accelerated approach. At Centennial College, “fast-track” programs are shorter, relevant and allow you to complement your experiences and education. In these offerings, you receive an accelerated diploma in your chosen field of study; become job ready in a short period of time; and belong to a college that helps to meet the challenges of the global economy.

One “fast-track” offering at Centennial College is the Journalism program, which sees those with a diploma or university degree enter in the third semester of the six-semester offering and graduate in two years. As an applicant, you will also be required to provide: an up-to-date resume, references, and six to ten published pieces (clippings, printouts or air checks of published or broadcast work from an established newspaper, news website, journalism blog site or radio or television news outlet). If you have not worked in the journalism field but would still like to apply, you will be required to attend a Program Admission Session where you will: complete a two-part writing test; submit an up-to-date resume and six to eight writing samples that may include academic essay extracts, creating (fiction) writing

Unlike some other Journalism schools, Centennial College’s program prides itself on offering students as much real-life, practical experience as possible. That’s why many of the courses include practical elements that see students: learn to write and tell stories in an energetic, dynamic and hands-on environment; interact with professionals and educators who guide them through each of the lessons they learn; develop a portfolio of published stories and photos, which is essential for seeking a job upon graduation; and develop new multiplatform and online skills for the evolving world of news reporting.

This know-how is achieved in classrooms that mimic the real world. At Centennial College’s Centre for Creative Communications, students have access to an ultra-modern professional newsroom as well as extensive publishing, broadcast and interactive facilities. In this environment, they gain real-world experience by producing stories for the award-winning East York Observer newspaper, the Toronto and Scarborough Observer website and the Scarborough News magazine.

The knowledge gained during this experience and throughout the program is then applied to a final-semester field placement. For 15 weeks, students work alongside professional staff in a commercial media outlet or communications agency. To qualify for placement, a student must have passed every required course in previous semesters. In arranging placement matches, faculty members take into account the student’s aptitudes and career goals.