Art Design College: A Launch Pad for Career in Visual and Applied Arts!


An art design college program that was established in 1974 has not only earned a reputation for to its longevity, but also seen an evolution of art and carved out a unique path that includes blending traditional and digital art in order to prepare students for a career in art and design, animation and game design.


Well, this program isn’t offered at some historical university somewhere in the U.K., as a matter of fact, it is at our very own Ontario’s very own Centennial College. In addition to its 38-year history, the staff members Design Foundation in Toronto Studies program are seasoned professionals from the field who have acquired deep understanding about the arts as well as possess professional connections. As a result, the employers looking for talented and expert artists, knows that the education is contemporary, practical and in-depth.


The Art design college caters to the demands of the students who are looking for a way to nurture their artistic talents and build new creative and practical skills. Design Foundation is, therefore, well suited for those who have a general interest in art but are in dilemma, about their career direction


The art design college nurture the skills of a gifted artist, it helps the students can develop a technique of their own and gets an exposure to all forms and levels of visual art with step-by-step encouragement from staff and faculty; or need to build their portfolio to apply to an artistic program that requires them to have one for admission.


And to groom and prepare the students from diverse roles the Art and Design Foundation implements courses ranging from traditional approaches in drawing, life drawing and three-dimensional design, to introductory courses in imaging, animation and design. As a result, the students also develop a familiarity with digital media being complemented with a practical understanding of drawing, color theory and 3D art and design.


In addition to this, they are acquainted with a studio environment through the development of their creative and practical skills in the studio. These studios, and the art design college which are housed in Centennial College’s Centre for Creative Communications facilitates large arts studios equipped with the latest in modern art tools.


After building their portfolios in Art and Design Foundations, students can apply fopr more specific and advanced creative Centennial College programs such as Digital Animation, Interactive Digital Media, Game Design or Graphic Design Media. Moreover, those who attend this art design college program are also considered eligible to enter the Fine Arts Studio program.


Lastly, with an increasing number of agreements with other colleges, provide Centennial’s Art and Design Foundation graduates innumerable choices of attending specialized programs at Centennial College’s partner schools. One of these partners is Athabasca University, which offers a professional arts degree through Communication Studies.


To enroll in the art design college in Toronto, students must have completed an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent or must be 19 years of age or older. The other academic requirement includes compulsory English 12C or U, or skills assessment or equivalent. Please note that possession of minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission.
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