Advertising Programs Offer Three Unique Perspectives on the Field


If you are interested in attending one of Centennial College’s three advertising programs, consider that those who are successful in this field have strong people skills (because they work with a client base that can be difficult and demanding); are comfortable with meeting continual deadlines (advertisers may have to work all night or weekends to ensure a presentation is properly prepared to meet a pressing deadline); possess creativity skills (successful advertisers will be those who can create a commercial message that the consumer will remember); and are team players (the ability to work in a team or to perform individual excellence is important because advertising professionals have the opportunity to do both).


If you possess these skills and qualities, Centennial College has three advertising programs to which you may apply depending on your previous education. For example, those who just graduated from high school may apply for the three-year Advertising offering. In this program, students are taught the critical skills they need to enter this dynamic field, as they learn how to tell clients’ stories with persuasive advertising in addition to planning and developing campaigns on mobile platforms. As a result, they may enter offshoots of advertising such as: marketing, interactive/mobile, copywriting, production, direct marketing, promotions and event marketing. This Advertising program features an industry field placement, during which students acquire experience in the day-to-day duties of the advertising world.


The three-year Advertising program demonstrates the area that most people associate with the field. However, other areas of advertising require people to work in the background. Two of these areas are: Advertising: Media Management and Advertising: Account Management, both of are covered by Centennial College’s other Advertising program options. These offerings are geared toward mature learners who have a previous post-secondary education or experience in the advertising field.


First, Advertising: Media Management teaches students the fundamentals of media management with a focus on consumer-driven communication channel choices such as mobile platform for advertising message. During the three semesters spent in this advertising program, students attend courses such as: Interactive Communications, Media Research Data and Analyses, Introduction to Media Planning, Advertising Planning and Campaign Management and more. As a result, they are prepared to work with: advertising agencies, independent media management companies, marketing companies, multi-media owners and sellers, research companies and advertisers.


Meanwhile, Advertising: Account Management prepares students for the client service area of the integrated marketing and communications industry. With this Advertising program, students master the full scope of advertising, digital, mobile and social media platforms and can manage integrated communications plans from inception to final production. As a result, graduates launch careers with leading communications, digital and marketing companies in: advertising, interactive and mobile marketing, sales promotion, event marketing and direct marketing.


In 2010, spending on advertising was estimated at more than $300-billion in the United States and $500-billion worldwide.

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